Favorite Links

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Favorite Links

The following is a list of our favorite links.  Please notify us if you know of a useful site that you'd like to see added to this list.


This scholarship is dedicated by St. Peter's Drum Corps to the memory of Martin D. Andrews.  Applicants must have been active in drum corps for three or more years and be seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree.  Please click on the link to be directed to the official scholarship website for further information.

Visit Bill Rotella's Drum Beatings for drumming news, information on drum lessons, and more!

The official website of the Company of Fifers and Drummers.

Official website of the Connecticut Fifers and Drummers association.  The CF&DA was organized in 1885 with the purpose to improve drum corps; compete for prizes; bring the members of the Association into closer union and good fellowship; and to continue in spirit the martial music of past and present generations to whom we hereby acknowledge our debt of gratitude for keeping alive the "Spirit of '76". It is the oldest active organization of its type.

Have Fun!